Day 1: 27.6

Went from ME>NC>AR>CA, kind of a long day of travel. Got picked up by trail angels named Scout/Frodo. They house and shuttle hikers to the trail every year. Their house was really nice. Very organized. There was about 20 other hikers there. I organized all my gear and tried to get some sleep. This was all yesterday. 
Woke up at 4:45 after a few hours of sleep. Slept about six hours the past two nights. We all left Scout/Frodos house at 6 and got to the trailhead at 7ish. It was cloudy and windy, about 30 degrees cooler than I thought. We all took pictures and got our packs on.
I was the third one out at around 7:25. Man, this trail is insanely easy to hike compared to the AT. I hiked with a few other people and we were all going over 3MPH, fully loaded with water and food, no trail legs. Took a few breaks here and there and made it to the campground (mile 20) at 3PM. I wasn’t even planning on hitting 20 the first day with a late start. There was a toilet at the campground so I tried taking a shit. We all took our shoes off and ate. Seems like we packed too much food because all of us were trying to give some away. We hiked out at 4:40, 6 miles to the next campground
We arrive at the campground, 26 miles from the start. You have to pay 13 bucks so we decide to eat dinner, do some chores and try to find a camp spot. We left at around 7ish and we didn’t see shit. Kind of got worried since it was getting dark. We ended up finding a big flat spot for the four of us. I never cowboy camped on the AT, only ever done it in the Marines, but we’re all doing it tonight. Hope it doesn’t rain. 
This puts us at 27.6 miles. Did not expect to almost hit 30 on day one, but like I said, this trail is easy to hike.


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