Day 3: 23.4 | 79.3 total

So last night I got into my bag around 8:30 but didn’t fall asleep until almost 2:30 in the morning and woke at 5. I think the last time I fell asleep before midnight was on the AT. 
The good news, I finally took my first shit outdoors. Never done it before. Yes, I went the entire AT only using the privies. 
The hardest thing about this trail so far is the heat/sun, it’s pretty intense. First two days were long so I cut today short, stopped hiking around 5:45. 
Today is the first day I’m using the ZPacks Hexamid tent. It just started to rain as I type this and winds are pretty strong. I don’t think I have this tent set up correctly, really hope it doesn’t crash on me. The sides of the tent keep smacking me in the head when the wind gusts which is annoying. I hope this doesn’t last all night. I would like to sleep more than a few hours for once. 
So about thirty minutes just passed and the rain stopped. Stepped out real quick to readjust the tent, it’s better than before now, but still not perfect. Also took the time to use the water on the side of my tent and rinse off my hand and legs. Rain is starting up again. 


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