Day 4: 25.7 | 105 total

Got up at 5 and started moving at 6. Tent held up good last night. My sawyer filter is leaking, it’s pretty annoying. I think I’ll go back to the aquamira drops when I get the chance

Did about 12 miles in 4 hours to a water cache. I’m only planning to hit another 10 or so to a water source. So I’m chilled out at the cache for a while. 
Left the cache at 12:30, bugs were annoying. Came across a cool cave about four miles later. After that I hit 100 miles. Got to the water source at 4ish. Was going to spend the night there but it’s way too early to call it a day.
Hiked for another hour or so and found a good camp spot around 6:30ish. The bugs out here are annoying. It’s 7:30 right now and still bright. I think after today I’ll try to hike until near dark. 
Only about 4 miles until Warner Springs tomorrow. My package should be arriving then but I don’t know when, hopefully not too late. 
I can’t wait to wash my hands


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