Day 5: 21.9 | 126.9 total

Still having trouble falling asleep, which is nothing new for me. But it sucks because my body is never really rested each day after only a few hours of sleep. 
No real injuries to speak of yet. Feet have been hurting but I’m sure everyone’s is. Have some pain and swelling on the top of my feet
Got moving at 5:45, did a quick 4ish and got to Warner Springs at 7ish. They had a restroom so of course that’s the first thing I did. Felt awesome to wash my hands. I bought some hand sanitizer and some cheap flip flops. I’m sending my Vivos home. Kind of sucks because I spent 50 on them. I bought a lot of gear I ended up not using for this hike, will have to sell it when I get home.
Got a ride to the PO to pick up my package. I still have food left over so my pack will be a bit heavier this time. For some reason I haven’t been eating much out here, haven’t even been hungry. 
I’m currently just waiting for my phone to charge and using the free wifi. I should be out of here around 10. 
Made it to Mikes Place around 17 miles UP from Warner. Man, that climb wasn’t all that bad but doing it in the heat of the day with no clouds really sucked. This was the first day I really pounded water. 
At Mikes Place there were a lot of hikers. A man was there grilling burgers for people and I had two sodas, there was also brick oven pizza. Was going to cowboy camp but I think people are going to stay up tonight so I pitched my tent further away. 
The Hexamid tent has been okay, kind of a pain to set up and I’m not entirely confident that it will do well in bad weather.


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