Day 6: 29 | 155.9

Windy night. Tent held up. Got moving at 5:45. In the water report it said a potential 31 mile dry stretch but we came across three water caches. 
Did 25 to the Paradise Cafe that’s about one mile off trail, got there at about 3. Pigged out on some burgers and planned the next stretch of hiking that will include the first fire closure. 
Got back on the trail a little after 5 and did four miles before finding a good camp spot free of wind and bugs. Kind of sucks to be one mile short of a 30 mile day but whatever, technically went 31 with the road walk. 
Took some Benadryl to help me sleep, probably won’t work. But my feet are kind of swelling so it helps with that too. Also took some ibuprofen this morning for my feet. 
Tomorrow I’ll be spending most of the day walking the detour around the fire closure, the first of three in the desert. I think for one of the other ones you actually have to ride around it. I’ll see what everyone else is doing. I think I’m missing around 15 miles of the PCT tomorrow, but the detour is around 20. 


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