Day 7: 25ish | 179.4

Pass few days I’ve been hiking with another thru hiker named Junco, he did the AT in 2014. We both started on the same day. We started going up to 7k feet, which is higher than any point on the AT. This kart reminded me a lot of the White Mountains. 
After that we hit our first closure. He had the map to go around so I followed. Along the detour we stopped at a nice mini mart and ate a bit. After 20+ miles we made it to Idyllwild where we stayed the night at a campground, a ton of hikers here, it’s Saturday. Some hikers actually paid hundreds of dollars to sleep in a lodge. 
This town is like the Gatlinburg of the PCT, lots of tourists here and many things to do. We had to walk through a residential area and all the houses looked like they belonged in a Disney movie. 
Kind of sucks to walk so much but none of it really counts towards the PCT. Not sure how I’ll get around the next closure. 
I currently laying in my tent at a downward angle, I guess my feet will lose some swelling but I’ll probably wake up with a headache. Lots of other hikers/campers around and cars driving by. Took another Benadryl to help me sleep but I doubt it’ll work tonight. Tomorrow looks like a long day…


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