Day 8: 23ish | 193.6

Left town at 6. Ascended 5000ft from there. Went up Mt San Jacinto, it’s almost 11k feet. For some reason that climb really killed me. It wasn’t even steep, but for some reason I felt like shit going up. Could have been lack of food, water, sleep, altitude sickness or all of the above. 
Finally got back on the PCT after the Jacinto, detour done. There was actually no desert hiking today, it was all in the forests which is what I like. 
I’m thinking about going back to a regular free standing tent. Really haven’t been a fan of this ZPacks tent so far. Sucks that I paid so much for it just because it’s light, other hikers seem to like theirs though. The wind really cuts through it like butter and there’s pretty much zero headspace, I’m only 5’8″. And it gets pretty wet too since it’s a single wall tent. I’ll give it some more time though, maybe it will grow on me. 
For some reason my right eye has been really bothering me all day. It feels like I have a huge rock stuck under my eyelid and I can’t get it out. It hurts so bad that I can’t even open it, I spent most the day with only one eye open. This happened last year and it went away, but it didn’t hurt this bad. Had to call it an early day so I can try and sleep it off. 


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