Day 10: 25ish

We all got moving at 5:30, slept well. Did about 2.5 miles of the PCT before having to take another detour. First few miles into it, it led us to this stone house. Inside was empty but there was a really clean bathroom outside. Clean toilet, TP, running water and hand soap. Definitely had to take this opportunity to take a dump. I’ve been on trail for 10 days now and I’ve only crapped in the woods two times, I seem to be coming across a toilet every day somehow, not complaining. 
This detour sucks. Had to walk by a busy road and crawled under a couple fences. Then a long 8.5 mile stretch up another road. I was going to take a picture but was too tired. 
Eventually got into a little town around 2PM where we were planning on renting a room. We didn’t have to because a woman pulled over and offered to let us stay at her place. She thru hiked both the AT and PCT. We jumped at this opportunity. 
Got to her place and showered for the first time since Maine. Man, it felt amazing. I thought I was really dirty but I’m just really tan and sun burnt. She took us to do laundry afterwards, can’t wait to have clean clothes. 
We went back to her place and just chilled out on the couch. She gave us her wifi password so I spent day catching up on “trending topics” and writing this. We ordered pizza and planned for a potential 40 mile water carry back to the trail.


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