Day 9: 25.9 | 218.5

Descended down from Fullers Ridge this morning. If you do that mid day, make sure you’re full on water. You’re directly exposed to the sun with no shade. After that, there was a short road walk and then about four miles through loose sand to Ziggy/Bears. The last eight or so miles you get pounded with heavy winds
Arrived at 11:45ish, about 17 miles in under 6 hours, not bad. Ziggy and the Bear took my picture and I picked up my box. I’m ahead of schedule so my food bag is heavy. There have been over 1500 hikers that have stopped at this place. Can’t believe that many hikers are in front of me. I want to see how many I can catch and pass by the end. 
 A lot of hikers are trying to decide what to do about this next closure. They’ve been shuttling hikers into town and from there they catch a bus to Big Bear. I really hate all these closures. Decided I’m going to hike the 51 mile detour with Junco and Sonic. Met Sonic on day one. She did the AT in 3.5 months in 2014. 
We left Ziggys at 3:45 and did about 8 miles before finding a camp spot. Insanely windy out here, it’s hard to even keep balance. I finally did a great pitch of my tent, best one yet. I’m thinking about trying to rehydrate food. Junco has been doing this and says it’s awesome. I get jealous seeing him eat his meals while I eat a tortilla with peanut butter…We’re going into town tomorrow so maybe I’ll try it out
My eye stopped bothering me today, thank god. Don’t know what it was but it was bad enough that I would have gotten it checked out if I weren’t on trail. 
These next two days will be all detour miles


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