Day 12: 32.8 | 298.5

I have been trying to upload pictures but using LTE out in the middle of nowhere takes a very long time To upload any media
First official 30 mile day. Woke up at 5:15 and got moving at 5:55. Pack felt light even though it had 4L of water and 4 days of food. Cranked out 9.3 miles in under 3 hours to a potential water source. Turns out this source was really bad and when I went upstream to try and spot a better flow I found toilet paper just feet away from the water. I told everyone not to use this water after seeing that. It takes a special kind of asshole to shit next to a water source. 

First half of the day was awesome hiking. It was all in the woods on a nice smooth path. Second half of the day was back in the sand and exposed to the sun. Felt like crap after that. 
Ended the day at 6:30 at Splinters Cabin where there’s a trash can and a toilet. The toilet is the only reason I’m camping here. Will definitely use it in the morning. 
Also popped a huge blister on my heel. Spent most of the day walking on my toes because of it. 
I’m about 45 miles from Cajon Pass where I will pick up my next package. I’ll get as close to there as possible tomorrow to make it a short walk there the next day. 


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