Day 14: 28.1 | 356.2

Didn’t sleep well last night. Got moving by 6 and crushed out the 13ish miles to Cajon Pass by 10. Went to the Best Western to get my last mail drop. I had an ETA of 6/1 written on it so I’m ahead of schedule
Went to the McDs after that and feasted. Need to get the calories back in. Looks like another big water carry up and out if here. Around 30 miles. Cajon Pass was absolutely crowded on this day, Memorial Day weekend so I guess that’s to be expected 
Left a little after 2 with full bag of food and water. The climb out was really long. Today ended up being an unexpected long day, I was planning for a low twenty, not almost thirty. Ended up hiking until 7:30 which is my latest day so far  
We’re all cowboy camping at over 6000ft tonight. It’s gonna be cold. First time I’m wearing all my fleeting clothes. This is where a free standing tent would come in clutch. 


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