Day 15: 27.7 | 383.9

Surprisingly warm last night. Got moving around 5:45. Busted out about 14 to a campground where I topped off water and took a break

Got to climb Mt Baden-Powell. It was only about 3000ft gain in 4 miles but for some reason these slow gradual climbs really burn out my legs. Felt like they were on fire. I actually prefer the short and steep climbs of the AT, you got them over with much quicker 
Took a long break at the summit, a lot of people there. Got moving down the mountain when rain clouds came in followed by thunder. Turned out to be nothing. 
Got to Little Jimmy Campground at 5 where there’s the best water source I’ve seen on trail, forgot to take a picture of it though. My legs were shot and we weren’t sure on the weather so we decided to stay at the campground. A lot of people here. A lot of other thru hikers came in late. I probably should have kept hiking because I’m sitting in my tent right now at 8:08PM and it’s still bright out
The first chance I get tomorrow I’m going to buy and send some stuff to Mojave. My only issue now is getting there on the weekend when the PO is closed. I’ll either have to do high twenties or mid thirties. I don’t want to be forced to take a zero. 


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