Day 16: 31.2 | 415.1

Couldn’t really sleep last night. A guy came around offering hotdogs and burgers but I was already in my tent and bag so I didn’t take him up on his offer. I was hungry though. There were probably dozens of hikers at the campground. 
Got up around 4:45 and started moving at 5:25. Got up to Mt Williamson and decided to take the side trail to the summit. Bad idea. The summit isn’t marked so when I got up there I saw a taller summit and headed for it along with Junco. Turns out I was actually on the summit and ended up wasting almost and hour up there
Took a small detour today and was back on trail. Took a break mid day to rest, eat and wait out the heat. Started hiking again at 2 and did another 14 or so. I’m camping on top of a bald right now. I was going to push further but it didn’t look like there would’ve better options. I heard it gets very windy up here. Hope my tent hold up, could be a long night. 


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