Day 17: 39.4 | 454.5

Wind kept me up. Got moving at 5:30. Should have kept moving down to the fire station where I could have camped and had water and a toilet, oh well. From there I booked it 17ish miles to a ranger station. Left there at 7 and ended up doing 21 by 12:40. That’s the most miles I’ve ever done by that time

At the ranger station they had water, snickers and cold sodas. I had $3.50 in quarters so it was the perfect chance to get rid of them. I found out there was ice cream about 8 miles from the station at a KOA campground so I shortened my break and left at 2. Man, it was fucking hot. There was a chopper that picked up another hiker, saw it from afar. I actually ran about a mile of this section, I wanted that ice cream. 
Made it to the KOA at 4:30. Pigged out on ice cream, chips, Oreos, iced tea and two 20oz Gatorades. Felt so good. They also had a bathroom with running water and soap so I brushed my teeth and washed my hands for a few minutes. The KOA was pretty packed and I didn’t feel like paying to camp so Sonic and I got back on the trail at 7pm
We decide to just push the 10 miles to Hiker Heaven. Finally doing some night hiking. It was so much cooler out. We got to go through this long dark tunnel which was pretty creepy at night. Got to Hiker Heaven around 10:30ish. Holy shit this place is packed. Tents everywhere. Found a place to cowboy camp and I waited in line for a shower. There was an unorganized list so I just jumped in after a person was done. Second shower of the trip
It’s now 12:12am. Probably shouldn’t be writing this because I’m tired as fuck. Oh yeah, I weighed myself, already down to 145 which was around the same weight I ended the AT at. I really need to start eating more. 


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