Day 18: 23.7 | 478.2

Got about five hours of sleep. First priority is laundry so I put it in a bag and gave to the the guy doing it. The wait ended up being longer than expected. Took the time and just wandered around. This place is pretty popular. The toilets were almost filled to the rim. Laundry got done around 9:30 and I immediately packed up to leave. I left some money in the donation jar. I was surprised to see only a five dollar bill in there. That’s pretty lame, so many hikers come through that place and don’t even leave any money. Instead they spend it on beer and weed. If every hiker gave just $3-5 bucks, Hiker Heaven would be much better off because that money just goes straight back to future hikers. 

Went down the street to the grocery store, air conditioning felt so good. I ordered a sandwich, potato salad and some vegetables, felt great to have real food. The place was kind of expensive but I managed to only spent 37 bucks for a resupply to last me until Mojave. I bought a 28oz jar of PB and I’m going to use the jar (once it’s empty) to eat rehydrated meals. 
Made a dumb decision to get back on the trail at 11AM. Holy shit it’s hot out. I was probably only going 2MPH until I found a shade spot under some trees and took a long break. I’m definitely not going to be hiking mid day anymore. 
Decided to go the 15 miles to closure. Had to do some night hiking again. Finished at 10PM. I pitched my tent about 20 yards from the road so I hope cars aren’t driving by all night. Gonna wake up around 5 so I need to try and get whatever sleep I can. 


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