Day 19: 26.4 | 504.6

A lot of loud cars last night, sucks being such a light sleeper. Got moving onto another detour in the morning. About six miles in there’s a general store where I filled up water and pigged out. Had a pint of B&J ice cream, bag or Fritos and a 28oz Gatorade, almost 2000 calories. I also heard about a big fire that broke out near Kennedy Meadows. It looks bad but I hope it doesn’t effect the hikers. Terrible timing since everyone is getting close to there
After the store, Sonic and I did another 6 miles of road walking and got to a shaded area. The bugs were really bad so we set up our tents. Ended up taking a long nap from around noonish to 4PM. Sleeping in the heat really drains your energy. Got moving at 4:30 and did 9 to a water tank. That 9 miles was loaded with bugs. Incredibly annoying. Lost count of how many flew into my nose and mouth. 
Did a quick 2 miles of night hiking after the water source and camped by a dirt road. I pitched my tent on the soft sand so it’s not very taut. The wall of the tent is inches from my face right now. I’m kind of still on the fence about getting a different tent. Maybe if I ever come across an outfitter on trail I might do it. 


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