Day 20: 27.7 | 532.3

Woke up at 5 and started packing up. A few hikers passed by me during this time, looks like a lot of people are trying to avoid this heat wave this week. 
Did a quick 12 miles and got to Hikertown at 9:30. Hung out here for most of the day. Washed both my socks and got a ride to a store four miles down the street. The van was packed with hikers. The door didn’t really close so I had to tie a knot, kind of sketchy. At the store I bought a soda, Gatorade, ice cream cone and burger and fries. I need all the calories I can get. Left the store around 2 and headed back to Hikertown. Ended up being a bad idea. It’s like a damn oven outside. Over 100 degrees. So after less than an hour, Sonic, Junco and I decide to head back to the store and sit in the air conditioning again. Added in some more calories with an iced tea, burrito, ice cream sandwich and a coconut water. True Lies is playing on the TV, love that movie. 
As I listen in on other hikers, it seems like everyone is planning on night hiking this next section, which is notoriously hot and dry during the day. We’ll do the same. We fit 15 people into a van and headed back around 5:15. Filled up water, brushed my teeth and Junco, Sonic and I headed out at 6
The trail is very flat from Hikertown, but very exposed to the sun which is why most night hike it. Junco stopped early and Sonic and I went until 11 before we cowboy camped off the road/trail. It’s 11:25 now and I plan to wake up around 4:30 so I better get to sleep. Looks like another 100 degree day tomorrow 


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