Day 21: 34 | 566.3

Got a few hours of sleep and started moving a little before 5AM, wanted to beat the heat. There were two water sources in the first 13 miles, hit up both just to be safe. I left with roughly 6.5 liters after the second one because it was a potentially long stretch with no water

After a 4 mile climb, Sonic and I hit some sweet trail magic. There was about 20 gallons of clean water, fresh apples, oranges, bananas, some chairs and a trash can. Healthy food feels so nice. There was a sign that said there’s shade in .5 miles so we got there a little after noon, perfect timing. I took my fourth trail shit there. Kind of amazing that I’ve been on the PCT for 3 weeks now and have only had to poop four times outdoors. I seem to always be running into a bathroom everyday that I take advantage of.
Got moving a little after 3. After a couple hours we ran into some sweet trail magic from a guy named Coppertone. We got root beer floats and apple pie. He said he’s going to Walker Pass next so I might run into him again. There was also ice cold Gatorade at the road so that was amazing as well. Got moving at 7 and ended up going all the way to Highway 58. Was originally planning to stay a few miles from there but there was no camping. 
Got to Hwy 58 at 10 and met a women who offered Sonic and I a ride to Tehachapi. I needed to head to Mojave but there’s zero camping at the highway and hitching seems like it’d be tough. Got the ride to the Tehachapi airport where they let hikers camp for five bucks. Got in, are real quick, brushed my teeth and cowboy camped. It’s now 11:30, looking forward to the unexpected zero day tomorrow. But first I’ll have to find a way to Mojave. 


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