Day 22: 0 | 566.3 (Mojave)

Like I said in the previous post, the Nero day has turned into a zero day, not complaining. Woke up at the airport at 6AM, felt good to “sleep in”. Sonic and I went to a local bakery and had breakfast there, no way was I eating a cliff bar. From there I went to the KMart and bought a Monster energy drink, since I’m not hiking I don’t have to worry about it dehydrating me. 

Sonic stayed in Tehachapi because she has a box at the PO. I went to the bus stop and got picked up at 9:30 to head to Mojave where my box was waiting for me at a Motel 6. The room only cost me $44.00 and it’s pretty nice. There was coin laundry, a pool, gas station next door, grocery store down the street and a couple restaurants. 
I picked up my new Altra Lone Peak 2.5s. I was really iffy about switching to trail runners after using high cut boots my whole life but these Lone Peaks have been amazing. They’re taking over the thru hiking scene. I have almost 600 miles on the first pair and could have pushed them more but I didn’t want to risk them blowing out and then having to wait a week to replace them. 
Once I got into my room, I jacked up the AC, went to the gas station and bought some junk food. Showered for about thirty minutes, this was my first shower where I could take as long as I wanted, I even bought my own soap. Did laundry after the shower and then went down the street to resupply. Spent about $70 which included lunch. I think I bought too much food since I can’t fit all of it in my bag, but my food is physically bigger because I’m trying to get in more calories so that’s probably why. It’s 135.7 miles to Kennedy Meadows so I bought about 5.5 days worth of food. I always estimate 25 mile days to give myself some cushion with food since I usually end up doing more. 
Spent the remainder of the day sitting in my room watching TV. Got to watch game two of the NBA finals, not a big basketball fan but I love watching the playoffs. After that I watched the new Fantastic 4 on HBO, the reviews were right, it sucked. Went to sleep around 11:30


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