Day 23: 20.6 | 587

There was a loud train going by every now and then last night. However, I still slept great. I woke up around 9AM, felt amazing to get some real sleep after days of night hiking. Took another shower in the morning, don’t know when my next one will be. Chilled out until noon when I went to the post office. 

I shipped home my umbrella, I have only used it on the second, third and fourth day on the trail. I didn’t think it helped much and has been dead weight since then. The guy working there saved me some money by using two envelopes and putting one on each end and then taping the middle. Also shipped home my Sawyer, I lost the white ring on the bottom of it so water leaks all the time. I could call sawyer and get it replaced but I have no idea where to have it sent to since I don’t know where I’ll be. The new Sawyer was only twenty bucks on Amazon so not bad. 
After the PO, Junco and I took the 1:10 bus back to the trail. Got moving by 1:30 straight uphill. The climb wasn’t bad but man it was windy. Got to a water source about 17 miles in around 7:10. Quickly ate dinner and filled up water and left by 7:40. Walked for about an hour trying to find another camp spot. Saw one but a dude was cowboy camping there. Ended up finding a spot below some wind turbines and set up my tent there. Kind of windy and the turbines are loud but whatever. Looking forward to a full day of hiking tomorrow, I don’t think I’ll have to night hike anymore, weather hasn’t been bad. 


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