Day 24 32.8 | 619.8

Didn’t sleep at all last night. Wind was intense, it knocked over my trekking pole so my tent fell on me. Got in a few hours before I got up at 5:10. Not more than 5 minutes of hiking I saw better tent spots away from the wind, just my luck. Also saw Sonic there, I guess she went past me when I was in my tent

Did about 15 to a water source where I took a mid day break and ate some lunch (ramen). The next water source is only 6.8 away so I only took about 2L with me. Got there, filled up 5L of water and left around 3:30. Got to Kelso road at 5:50 where there was a huge water cache along with cold drinks. I had an orange soda, it tasted so good. Also had dinner there and then left at 6:30. 
Found a camp spot by some Joshua trees. I kind of regret picking this spot because the wind is picking up. I don’t know how I always choose the worst spots to stop. There were a ton of little thorns and prickly things all over the place. I decided not to use my NeoAir because I don’t want it to pop. So I’m just laying in my sleeping bag in my tent, hopefully I can get some sleep. 


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