Day 25: 36.2 | 656

Woke up at 4:50. Slept pretty decent with no pad, wind died down. Had everything packed by 5:15 and then noticed my protein bar had nibbles on it. Well, my protein bar was in my tent so I unpack everything and find a hole in the mesh of my tent. Looks like a mouse got into it. Already a bad start. I’ll have to send it to ZPacks to get it fixed. I’m switching back to a free standing tent at Kennedy Meadows so I guess it’s good timing. I just want a tent that has for room. The extra weight will be worth it. 

Got moving by 5:30. Hit a water cache at mile 630. Filled up a bit and I just booked it 20.5 to the next source. I didn’t feel like taking a break for some reason, wasn’t too hot. That being said. The final 14 to the water (Walker Pass) was tough. Not the terrain but the day just wore on me. Drank a ton of water for once. I hit Walker Pass by 4:25, that was 31.5 miles for the day already. Pretty happy with that but I was pretty beat. 
Coppertone was at Walker Pass, I saw him a few days ago before Mojave and he said he’d be there. I got another root beer float and ate a bunch of other stuff he had like watermelon, apple, cookies and also made some ramen. He had a charger there so I took advantage of that as well, love every chance I get to charge my phone. Did a few chores while I was there. The water was kind of a pain to find. I was going to leave at 6:30 but he had rice cooking so no way was I passing that up. Put a bunch in my jar and threw in a packet of tuna. 
Left at 7, there’s a climb out so I wanted to do as much of it as I could. Was only gonna go a few miles but all the camp spots were taken so I had to do a couple more miles. Found a pretty big campsite and had it to myself until Sonic came in. Another big group just rolled in as I’m typing this, hope they’re not loud. I sleeping again tonight without my Neoair mat, ground is kind of soft and I want to save time in the morning. I was thinking about getting a torso pad after the Sierras. 
Tomorrow will be my last full day in the desert. 


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