Day 26: 35.7 | 691.7

Got moving by 5:20. Was kind of windy so I had my rain jacket on. Took it off about an hour later. My right foot was killing me for some reason so I wasn’t going too fast. Got to a water source around 10 and chilled there for a bit in the shade. Looked at the water report and it said only 11 miles to a good source so I left at 10:45 and headed that way
Got thee at 2:30 and the water was flowing well, about 15 seconds a liter. There was also a pool of water so I soaked my feet in there. It felt amazing. Took a long break and ate a ton of food. I brought way too much out of Mojave and I’ll be getting another four days worth tomorrow at KM so I don’t want an overloaded bag. I ate over 1500 calories and was still hungry. 
Sonic and I got moving by 5. The trail went straight up so we took little water because there was another source in 2.2 miles, might as well make it an easy 2.2. We filled up and kept going up for four more miles. We got to a potential camp spot at 8PM but decided to keep going. Of course we end up walking along the side of a mountain for another hour. 
We finally find a camp spot right before we have to pull the headlamps out. Couple other people here. Ate dinner real quick and got in my bag to type this. Only have about eleven miles to KM tomorrow, can’t wait. 
Sonic just saw a spider crawl over her stuff so looks like I’m not sleeping tonight…


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