Day 27: 24.9 | 716.6

Got moving by 5:35. Only 11 miles or so to Kennedy Meadows. Booked it straight there since my pack was light. After a few miles I dumped the rest of my water and only took 24oz, if it’s not hot I don’t drink water. Seeing the change from desert to Sierra (kind of) was amazing. I stopped and took a few pictures of the same thing just from difficult angles. 

Made it to KM a little before 9. A ton of hikers here. It’s a tradition that everyone claps for you when you arrive do that was pretty cool. Went inside the store and say they had B&J ice cream so I got right on that. Tried the Phish Food flavor and it was amazing. Did all my daily chores while I was here and pigged out a little more. Picked up my three packages
Everyone is trying to figure out how to fit all their Sierra gear into their pack, including me. I have micro spikes, an ice axe and a bear can. I got the can sent to me from a guy I met on the AT last year, his trail name was Ayce. He did the PCT, CDT and AT two times each. We summited Katahdin on the same day and he said to contact him through trail journals if I ever wanted to do the PCT. I did that a few months ago and have been picking his brain on the PCT ever since.
I see a lot of people using the bear can for gear storage and keeping it on the top and outside their pack and then just putting the food in it at night. I am going to try the same thing, I can’t really fit the can and everything else in my pack. I’m not looking forward to how heavy my pack will be but I’ve carried much more in the past. I hope the pack holds up
Left KM at 2:45. Looks like most people stay the night but I gotta keep pushing to save money. The terrain changed very quickly from a dry sandy wasteland to green trees and grassy meadows very quickly. Did about 14 miles out of KM to the Kern river where Sonic and I cowboy camped. Now that the desert is over I plan on hiking no later than 8PM. 
The change in temperature is pretty crazy. Last night we stopped at 9 and it was still hot out. Stopped at 8 today and had my down jacket on with fifteen minutes. I threw away my thin base layer I’d been wearing since Campo and I’m now wearing my Patagonia Thermal Weight hoodie as the new base layer for the Sierra. I’m also wearing my long johns right now which I normally don’t. My 20 degree bag was too hot for the desert but I hope it’ll be enough for the Sierra. 


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