Day 28: 26.4 | 743

It was a little chilly so I decided to sit in my bag a little longer. Started moving at 5:30 and was on the trail a little after 6. Did about 14 miles to a water source. Sonic and I then realized we need to do smaller days in order to climb Mt Whitney in a couple days. If we went at our normal pace we’d get there late in the day. Mt Whitney is about 8 miles up and 8 miles down, it’s not part of the PCT but almost every thru hiker does it. It is the highest peak in the lower 48 states. 

So doing the math we can only do about mid twenties to the base of Whitney. I really hate having my day dictated by something like this. From the water source we just did another 12 to a camp site by another water source. Always good to camp near water. We got in around 5:30 which is almost 3 hours earlier than he would stop. I was feeling kind of tired so I wasn’t complaining. 
Took the extra time to pitch my new tent for the first time, it’s the Big Agnes HV Fly Creek UL2. Took a while to get everything set up. This tent is half free standing, need about 6 stakes to set everything up. The pitch isn’t perfect but I’ll get it over time. This tent is more of a 1.5 man tent than a 2. 
It’s only 7:45 right now, might as well try to get some extra sleep


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