Day 29: 24 + 0.7 | 767

So there was a crazy storm last night. Wind, hail, thunder and lightning. It started a little after 8 and went until morning. I’m glad I ended the day early now, would have been awful setting up in that

Woke up at 5:45 and started hiking by 6:55, never started this late from the trail before. The scenery got amazing real quick, took a ton of pictures. Got to a giant lake around 10 and took a little break. This is when things started going south, in terms of the weather. Some hail started up which was cool in the beginning but then it turned to rain. 
Had to ford my first stream which was cold and deeper than I thought. The temperature was dropping and it was now raining, hailing and snowing. I was freezing. I had to get moving quick to warm up. It got a little colder and it was soon heavy snow. Couldn’t believe it, couple days ago it was 100+ and now it’s almost a snow storm
Made it to the Mt Whitney side trail and hiked about .7 of it to a camp spot, it was around 5PM, another early day. Tomorrow could potentially be a very long day, if everything works out I’ll climb Whitney and then do Forester Pass which will be over 30 miles. I’m in my tent now at 6 with everything soaking wet. Weather looks to be clearing up. 
Side note, on this day last year I was taking my final zero day on the AT in Monson, ME. Kind of crazy to think I was nearing the end of that trip and only at the beginning of this one. 


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