Day 30: 7.7 + 15.9 | 774.7

Got moving up Whitney around 6AM. Everything was covered in snow. It took me four hours to do the 7.6 miles to the summit. For some reason, climbing Mt San Jacinto was much harder for me. I got to the summit at 10, there was a hut there and apparently a day hiker had to spend the night up there because of the storm yesterday, two thru hikers stayed there with him and they shared their gear. A helicopter came and rescued him later. 

I didn’t stay at the summit for long, refilled my water bottle, ate a cliff bar, took some pictures and I left at 10:20 when I saw dark clouds coming in. On my way down I ran into a couple that only had one liter of water between them so I took the opportunity to lighten my pack and gave them another liter. That left me with about 20oz which was more than enough. If it’s not hot out, I don’t drink any water for some reason. 
Got to the bottom of Whitney pretty quickly, I used my micro spikes and ice axe on the way down, glad I had them both in my Kennedy Meadows box. Met a few rangers who were coordinating the chopper rescue a little further down. 
Sonic caught up with me and we hiked for a bit before taking a long break to let our gear dry out from yesterday. We had originally planned to do Forester as well but we couldn’t have enough time to go up and over that. We got back onto the PCT around 3:30 and just did 7.7 miles to the bottom of Forester. Had to ford three creeks as well, so far, the fords haven’t been as bad as the ones in Maine. We finished around 6PM, another early day. Tomorrow we plan to head into Lone Pine to resupply. 
Today also marks 30 days on the PCT. I remember on the AT I was only around 275 miles in after 30 days. 


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