Day 31: 13.8 + 7.5 | 788.5

Got moving around 6:30. Looks like Sonic and I will be the first ones up Forester Pass this morning. The climb up there wasn’t as bad as it looked on the Guthook app. We threw on our micro spikes and took out the ice axe and up we went. I would not have attempted Forester without the spikes, it was early morning so everything was iced over. 

We made it up with no issue, not as hard as I thought it would be. Took some pictures and headed down. On the way down we saw a dude who as carry so much shit. Huge backpack but he had two bear canisters strapped to his chest. His boots had zero tread but he had nice Black Diamond crampons on his backpack. He was moving very slow and one slip could have killed him. He said he was fine so we pushed past him
We made it to Kearsarge Pass where many hikers take the 7.5 miles up and over another mountain to go into town. It kind of sucks to do miles that don’t count towards the PCT but I needed to resupply and I haven’t showered or done laundry since Mojave. The climb up wasn’t that bad, I booked it on the climb down, had to have been going at least 4.5MPH. It still took 1.5 hours to get to the bottom so I’m really not looking forward to the climb back up. 
We got a hitch into the town of Independence and pigged out at a Subway, they had surprisingly fast wifi there so I took the time to update my blog there. From there we got a hitch from an Army vet to Lone Pine. Every place we wanted to stay at was so expensive. Motels were around 100 so that’s what we ended up paying. Got in the room around 6:30 and did all the typical thru hiker chores. It’s 11:30 right now and I’m getting tired so I’m cutting this short. 


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