Day 32: 11.3 + 7.5 | 799.8

“Slept in” until 7. Sonic and I went to the Alabama Hills Cafe and ate a huge breakfast. After that we resupplied. I went to the post office to pick up some stuff and then chilled out in the room until checkout at 11AM. Hitching is pretty easy when you’re with a girl, we rode in the bed of a truck up to Kearsarge which probably isn’t the safest way but we took what we got. 

After the 7.5 miles back over Kearsarge Pass we got back to the PCT at 3:30. From there we had to get up and over Glen Pass. It took us two hours to do four miles. Coming down the pass was really sketchy. If you fell and slid you would most likely die. I didn’t use my spikes or axe but looking back I should have. We got to the bottom of another pass at 8:30. I normally don’t like to hike past 8 but Glen Pass took longer than expected. I quickly ate and did some chores and I’m now sitting in my tent at 9:23. I usually wake up at 5 but I might sleep in a bit. 


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