Day 33: 29.1 | 828.9

Started hiking at 6:30. The seven miles to the top of Pinchot Pass took forever. I was going insanely slow, the climb was somewhat steep for the whole seven miles so my legs were burning up. Also had to ford ice cold streams that made my feet numb. The actual climb up and over Pinchot was easy. From there it was straight down four miles and then up again to Mather Pass. 

The climb to Mather was much easier than Pinchot. It was pretty much flat for 4.5 miles until the real climb. Finding the trail was difficult though, everything was covered in snow. I ended up just climbing a boulder field until I found the trail that led to the pass. Once I got up and over I pretty much ran down the other side with my micro spikes and ice axe in hand, it was actually kind of fun. From the top of Mather it was easy walking for the rest of the day because it was all downhill, I cruised through it. 
Ended the day around 7:45 which is around the time I like to stop hiking. This day was the first day in the Sierra where I could just hike as many miles as I could without worrying about things like Mount Whitney. I’ll be happy to do around 25 a day through the Sierra. 


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