Day 34: 29.9 | 858.8

Got moving by 6:30, been waking up at 5:30 the past few days. The accent to Muir Pass was almost 10 miles. The last 1.5 or so was all snow, very slow moving. Got to the Muir hut at the pass and took a few pictures before heading down. Going down there was probably snow for at least 3 miles. I felt bad for the southbounders heading up that. 

Sonic and I took a break around 1PM, we had 16 miles done at that point. Got moving again at 2:15, it was all downhill. We had to ford one of the notoriously difficult streams/rivers on the PCT. There’s actually a detour around it that I was planning on taking but I decided to see how bad it was. It ended up being pretty easy. The stream was wide but only about knee deep. I hope the rest of them are like that. 
Took another quick break to fill up water at 6:30, decided to push a few more miles after that. The last 30 minutes or so of the day was awful. Hordes and hordes or mosquitos, it was insane. Reminded me of the 100 Mile Wilderness on the AT. There were probably 10-15 mosquitos on each arm, that I could see. I wanted to hit 30 but ended up .1 shy when I saw a good camp spot, oh well. 
Side note. On this day last year I summited Mount Katahdin to finish my AT thru hike. I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since then, I remember it like it was yesterday. Time flies.


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