Day 36: 21.2 | 909.7

Slept in till 6, really didn’t want to move this morning. Dealt with some snow for the first few hours until the decent to Reds Meadow. The last few hours before every resupply stop are the longest. Got there around 1:30. Great place, there was a restaurant, general store, laundry, showers, running water, flush toilets, outlets, free wifi along with good cell service. Pretty much everything a thru hiker wants, and it’s less than half a mile off trail. You can spend the night here but I just spend most the day relaxing after three thirty mile days. It’s only 36 to the next resupply so I’m bringing two days of food. 

The timing worked out perfectly since I had cell service there and it just so happen to be Fathers Day so I could call my dad. 
Sonic and I ate at the restaurant twice. We ended up leaving at 7PM, a little later than I wanted but I couldn’t resist sitting there and doing nothing. Only did about three miles to a camp spot. My belly was full so all I ate was a packet of tuna. That ended up being good because the mosquitos were terrible, swarms of them everywhere. I have no idea how people sleep with no protection from bugs, I’d go insane. Just watching them try to get into my tent is kind of freaky. I heard they’re supposed to get real bad from here on out…
Also found out today is game seven of the NBA finals, I wish I could be watching it.


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