Day 37: 32.8 | 942.5

Got moving around 6. I couldn’t sleep last night and checked to see if I had service, turns out I did. Found out the Cavs won the NBA title, wish I could have seen it. Thinking back, I should have taken the bus into Mammoth and spent the night there, I heard its one of the best trail towns, oh well. 

It was a long slow 10 mile climb up to start the day. Went by a campground that had toilets so of course I couldn’t pass up that opportunity. Went over Island Pass which was the easiest pass so far. Took a long break at noon since I had 16 miles done and another pass coming up. Ate a ton of extra food I had which felt great and also lightened my bag. Started moving at 1 and went over Donohue Pass which was covered in snow like the other passes. 
Sonic and I were originally going to camp 6 miles from Tuolumne Meadows but we decided to get there tonight instead. It was a long flat stretch to TM so it was easy hiking. Got there around 7:15 but took a wrong turn and ended up at the lodge instead of the store and campground. Eventually made my way over there and set up camp. A ton of people here, seems like everyone is getting drunk, probably not going to get much sleep but I’m kind of used to that by now. 
The camp store doesn’t open until 9AM so I plan on sleeping in until 8. 


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