Day 38: 20.6 | 963.1

Slept in until 7:30, felt pretty good. Went down to the store and waited for them to open at 9. Ate at the little diner attached to it. Should have saved the money, the breakfast sandwich I ordered was the size of a baseball and looked like crap. 

The store there was very well stocked, much better than Reds Meadow, did a good resupply out if there and also pigged out on ice cream and chips. 
Sonic and I got moving at 11:15. We were going real slow, it’s hard to get going after a resupply stop. We did about 20 miles to the bottom of Benson Pass, got in at about 7:45. The fords we did were actually challenging today, they were only thigh to waist deep but moving very fast. 
Man, the mosquitos at this camp dpi are horrendous. Had to walk around in circles to eat, most of my upper body and even my head are covered in little lumps from all the bites. There’s probably a hundred of then trying to get into my tent right now. I flicked one and it exploded with blood, probably not even mine. 
I have also noticed some holes getting to form on my Darn Tough socks, this didn’t happen on the AT but I’m using thinner ones. I’ll have to take them up on their lifetime warranty, but that will have to be at the end of the hike. Looks like I might have to spend some money on new ones pretty soon. 


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