Day 39: 27.3 | 990.4

Today was my crappiest day on the trail so far. Started moving at 6 up to Benson Pass. Ended up going on the wrong side of the pass and was about 750ft off trail on top of a mountain. It took me about 40 minutes to walk, climb and jump my way back onto trail. From there the trail was still covered in snow going uphill, got lost a few more times trying to find it. Lost count of how many times I busted my ass today, I’m actually shocked I’m not injured. 

Had to do a ton of fords today. Most were about knee deep but one of them almost got me. I couldn’t tell how deep the other side was from where I was standing, started off easy but it just got deeper and deeper. Then the current picked up and lifted me off my feet and carried my down stream, I was chest deep at this point. I managed to grab onto some branches to stop myself. If I didn’t have my poles looped around my wrist I would have lost them. When I got on dry land I was soaked, the current also took the snacks right out of my hip belt pocket, now I had no food for the rest of the day. Thank god I always keep my other pocket half zipped because my phone is in there. If I lost my phone that would pretty much ruin my hike. 
It took Sonic and I the entire day to do 27 hard miles, which was my goal for the day. Since I lost my food from the ford I starved myself from 4PM to 8:30PM. I ate both the dinners I had left which was two ramen noodles along with tuna and some pepperoni Sonic gave me. 
Tomorrow we’re going to North Kennedy Meadows where we definitely plan on staying the night along with showering and laundry. We also get to ship away the bear canister. 


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