Day 40: 26.5 | 1016.9

Got moving a little after six. Today was much easier than yesterday. It only got difficult going up and down towards Sonora Pass. Lots of snow fields on steep slopes. 

Did the 26.5 to Sonora Pass by 4:15, it took until 8PM yesterday to do 27 by comparison. As I waited for Sonic to arrive I watched other hikers try to hitch with no success. I don’t know why they were standing right at the pass because it’s a complete blind spot for vehicles, almost a hairpin turn. When Sonic got there we started walking down the road and within three minutes got a hitch to North KM. The road we were driving on was crazy, sharp turns everywhere with no rails. Some sports cars passed up going around corners on double yellow lines, idiots. 
Got to KM and quickly got the thru hiker package. $35.00 for a bunkhouse and shower/laundry, not a bad deal. From there we went to the restaurant next door. I had an 8oz steak, soup, salad, potato, sprouts, bread and desert. I was still starving. Went to the store (which was well stocked) and ate a pint of ice cream along with a 24oz Gatorade. I was still starving. Went back and bought two bags of potato chips and ate them immediately. I was still starving and went back again for more ice cream, a soda and a giant slim Jim. 
It’s 9:15 right now and I’m waiting for laundry to get done. 


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