Day 41: 14.3 | 1031.2

Slept great last night, feels so good to be in a bed. Stayed up a little later than I wanted to though, was out on the porch with some other hikers until they cut the generators at 11PM. Woke up at 7AM and went down for some breakfast. Had pancakes, eggs and sausage, didn’t take more than five minutes to finish. 

From there I resupplied at the general store. I really haven’t been eating enough on the trail so I bought more food than I usually do. Emptied out a part of the store in the process. It was all high calorie junk food. Spent $40 for a three day resupply to Echo Lake, not bad. After that I had the pleasure to send the bear can back to my friend that lent it to me. So glad I don’t have to lug that thing around anymore. Will finally be able to pack my bag like normal again. 
Took a little nap and went back for more food. Had another pint of ice cream, a bag Doritos, a Gatorade and a banana. Decided to take another shower and then had lunch at 1:30 and more ice cream after. Sonic and I got a quick hitch back to the trail and we were hiking by 3PM. I wanted to be back by 2 or 4 so it was perfect. 
Didn’t take long to get dirty again. Had to move over some more snow. Busted my ass a few times and even broke my drinking water bottle I keep on my shoulder strap. After that I found out I actually can reach my water bottle in my side pocket, I guess it helps that the smart water bottles along with the Sawyer Squeeze makes it a very tall piece of gear. 
Sonic got ahead of me so I’m camping alone tonight, feels kind of weird to be honest. Only about 60 miles to Echo Lake. Can’t wait to send home my ice axe and micro spikes. 


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