Day 42: 35 | 1066.2

Slept well last night. Caught up with Sonic within the first ten minutes of the day, guess she wasn’t that far ahead. We had to navigate around snow for the first few hours and then the trail got much better. At 12:30 we ran into our first trail magic since the desert. A man named Brian had lawn chairs out and gave us homemade cake, sodas and fruit. I wasn’t planning on breaking for long but I ended up staying there for almost 90 minutes. 

Got moving a little before 2 and started crushing out the miles. Felt great to hike at a normal pace again. At about 5:30 the mosquitos started to come out and it was terrible for the rest of the day. They didn’t bother me too much but as soon as I slowed down or stopped there would be clouds of them all around me, it was nuts. I crossed a little creek and saw cans floating in there, then I realized they were full. I took an Orange Crush out of there and booked it because the mosquitos were getting me. 
Sonic and I are camping on an open ridge so there are a few less mosquitos to deal with. It’s only about 26 miles to Echo Lake tomorrow. I’m thinking about staying the night there so I can send home my Sierra gear. 


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