Day 43: 24.5 | 1090.7

Slept well again last night. Started moving at 6 and got to Carson Pass at 10. There was a visitors center there and they had lots of trail magic there. Doughnuts, soda, fruit, chips, etc. Stayed until 11 and started moving again. 

I had service at some point and realized Echo Chalet closed at 5 so Sonic and I started moving a little faster. We later decide to go to South Lake Tahoe instead. So we stopped at Highway 50 around 4PM and hitched a ride into town. The guy that gave us a lift happened to own a ice cream shop on the lake so he took us there and gave us free ice cream, best hitch so far. 
He dropped us off at the Mellow Mountain Hostel where it was only $25 to stay the night, great deal for an expensive town. We quickly showered and headed straight to the casino buffet. The casino was actually in Nevada, the hostel was .3 miles from it in California. 
I ate so much food at the buffet. Chinese, sushi, salad, pasta and dessert. I felt like I was going to puke. Went back to the room and chilled out for the rest of the night. I always stay up late when I’m in town, it’s just natural for me. It also helps that the wifi here is strong.


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