Day 44: 18.3 | 1109

Slept like a rock last night but I didn’t get much sleep. Stayed up until 1:30AM using the wifi. There’s pretty much zero service in the Sierra so my eyes were glued to my phone once I got to town. 

Sonic and I went to a nice diner down the road, had some coffee for the first time on the PCT. After that we went back to the hostel and grabbed our Sierra gear to mail home. All the post offices were far away but I spotted a FedEX across from the diner so we went there. Cost me about $45 to send home my ice axe and spikes, sucks living far away. My pack is now 1.80lbs lighter!
After that we went to the Sports Ltd store where Sonic bought some Altra Lone Peaks, switching from the Brooks. A guy working there mentioned we could take advantage of the Darn Tough lifetime warranty and get new socks for free. My eyes lit up. I had just gotten holes in some of my socks and thought I was going to have to wait until after the trail to exchange. On our way out of town we went back and I got two new pairs of Darn Tough Socks. And to think I wasn’t even planning on going into South Lake Tahoe. The stop was well worth it, I like these big tourist towns. 
I resupplied about four days of food to get to Sierra City which was around 100 miles away. I also bought a pint of half baked B&J ice cream and destroyed it back at the hostel. Took one last shower and left. We called a trail angel and got picked up and brought back to the trail. 
About a mile into the trail we hit Echo Chalet, they had a very limited resupply so I’m glad I didn’t go there. They also had ice cream so of course I had some of that. From there we did about 18 miles. I believe we did the final big pass of the Sierra Nevada. It wasn’t too difficult after all the other ones. Stopped hiking around 8:20. It’s 9:20 right now so I guess I should try and get some sleep. 


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