Day 47: 19.1 | 1198.7

I woke up 15 minutes earlier today because I just wanted to get to Sierra City. I booked it and got into town before 11. There were a lot of hikers there, I never see many hikers on trail but I always see them in town. 
I immediately start eating. Ordered a burger, a raspberry milkshake and drank a Monster energy drink along with a Arnold Palmer. From there I resupplied and did the regular hiker chores. I saw some Gain laundry detergent in the hiker box and there was a giant bucket and a garden hose next to it so I took this golden opportunity to wash my socks. My socks and underwear are the two things I like to have clean. There was a public restroom not far from the store. There was water and outlets over there so I brought my stuff with me since there was less people 
One of the bathrooms had a shower. You had to push a button and ice cold water would come out for 30 seconds. It actually felt really good since it was hot out. I rinsed out my underwear in the process and then dried out with paper towels. After that I ate a pint of B&J ice cream, a bag of Doritos and a can of Sprite. At 4:30 I ordered a breakfast burrito, got it at 5:30. It weighed about 3lbs. It made me thirsty so I bought a Gatorade. I’ve spent over $100 in this town and I’m not even staying the night. I’m about to do a 152 mile carry so I guess I can splurge a bit. 
A man showed up and was offering rides back to the trail so I jumped at the opportunity. Hit the trail at 6:45. Sonic is taking a few zeroes to see friends so this is the first time in a while I’ll be hiking alone, probably going to be boring with nobody to talk to. She’ll probably catch me in Oregon, maybe Junco will be with her. Did a little over three miles all uphill. Got to a campsite at 8PM. I wanted to keep going but it looks like it’s all ridge walking and I didn’t want to get stuck there 
Pitched my tent on a hard rocky surface, I hope there’s no winds tonight, pretty exposed up here. Today was a pretty good day. Spent eight hours in town and still did almost twenty miles. 


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