Day 48: 37.2 | 1235.9

Didn’t fall asleep until late, probably because of all the sugar and caffeine I had in town. Got up at 5 which is the earliest since the desert, felt pretty well rested. Finished the remaining miles of the climb. Trail was easy to hike which was nice. Took a break at a water source at 10:45 and got moving by 11:15. 

The heat is picking back up. It went from 60s in the Sierra to 80s and 90s. I hit a wall around 2PM but kept moving after a ten minute break. Took another twenty minute break at 5PM. Can’t sit still for long because the bugs will get you. Ended the day around 7:30. 
I didn’t intend to do a big day today. I forgot that my package doesn’t get to where I’m going until the sixth and I’ll probably be there on the fifth. Don’t really like having my days dictated by anything but me. But I guess that will give Sonic and Junco time to catch up to me. 
The new pair of shoes I picked up from Sierra City are great. Same make and model but it feels great to have the cushion again. I’m going to try and make this pair and another last the rest of the trail. So I’ll need to get about 725 miles out of both. 


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