Day 50: 29.6 | 1301.3

Started hiking at 5:30 and got to Belden a little before 9:30. There’s a huge Burning Man Festival going on. Loads of people. First place I’ve been where people don’t stare at the thru hikers. There was a woman that was on some serious drugs. 
First thing I did was hit up the general store. Bought a can of Sprite and some Pringles. Another hiker told me about a “breakfast buffet” going on for $13 so I got on that real quick. Turns out you can’t go back for seconds, lame, what kind of buffet is that? 
Went back to the store and got some chocolate milk. It’s a great recovery drink for the unaware. Has the calories, sodium, potassium, carbs, sugars, protein and of course calcium. After downing that I did some thru hiker chores (toilet, brush teeth and washed my socks). Went back to the store and bought a 32oz Powerade and finished the rest of my Pringles. Moved my stuff inside to get out of the sun. 
Left around 1:45, it was nice to chill out for a while before this long climb. I bought another 32oz Gatorade, butterfingers ice cream and M&M brownies before I left though. This is why I try to avoid towns. 
The 13.5 mile climb took me until 7:30, took a few breaks going up of course. Since I was in town for a while I hiked until 8:45. I’m sleeping without my rain fly tonight since its been hot out and it doesn’t look like it’ll rain. 
Should hit the half way point tomorrow. 


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