Day 51: 34.2 | 1335.5

Broke camp at six. Trail was pretty easy to hike today. For some reason my stomach felt like crap for most of the day. Kind of like a nauseous feeling. Because of this I took a ton of breaks throughout the day. Pretty happy I still managed to do 34. 

I got great reception on top of a mountain where I took about thirty minutes to update my blog. First time in a while I could actually upload some pictures. 
Later in the day at a highway crossing to go into Chester I ran into some trail magic. In a cooler there were Pepsis and only one Powerade. The soda looked nice but I impeded at the Powerade because of how my stomach was feeling. I filled up my 24oz bottle with it and drank the rest. In the hiker box there were cookies and Dorito crumbs so I ate it. It kept me full the rest of the day which meant I save money on my own food. Also had an orange. There was a couple there that got a ride into town, the driver asked if I wanted a lift. It was really tempting but I had no reason to go and I would just waste money. 
Drinking the Powerade definitely made me feel better, it had the potassium, sodium, etc to help out my stomach. Ended the day a little after 8PM. Only 12 miles to Drakesbad Ranch where I’ll have to spend the night to wait on my package. I hope I get it on the sixth. 


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