Day 52: 31.7 | 1367.2

Slept in until 6 since I had a short 12 miles to Drakesbad Ranch. Got there at 10:30. That’s where I made some big changes to my day. 

The whole mail drop thing there is really confusing. Nobody delivers packages to their ranch. And of course there’s no cell service or wifi to try and straighten things out. All packages with their address gets left at the Chester PO, even UPS. But even then they apparently put the packages next door to the PO which is a hard wear store. 
So my package doesn’t even arrive until the following day and when I checked the tracking days prior it said “by end of day”. Which means the people at Drakesbad would probably get it the day after. Which would mean I would be forced to take a zero here. And there’s absolutely nothing to do here. 
I looked into my food bag and find I have enough food to make it to Old Station which is only 23 miles away. So I decide to just leave Drakesbad. I will try to contact the PO to bounce the box but worse case scenario I lose the box which was only four days of food, of well. Time is money and I’d rather lose food money than my time. 
Before I left I went to shower. They had an outdoor shower for PCT hikers with no soap or anything. I saw two real showers that were open so I grabbed a pool towel and went in there. Other hikers told me there are no laundry services so I washed my underwear in there with me. It felt great to be clean, even though I had to put on dirty clothes again. 
I finish in time for lunch at 12. I go in to pay but apparently they have to serve the guests there first and any PCT hikers last, so I had to wait an hour where I spent my time listening to music and typing this up. 
I go up for food at 1PM and the woman said they’d charge an extra $7 if I went up for seconds. Good thing she told me that because I loaded up my plate with probably 5-8lbs of food. Ate it all in about 10 minutes. 
Got back on trail at 2PM. Did almost 20 by 8:30. Trail was nice and flat. I’m only a few miles out from Old Station. 


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