Day 53: 30.9 | 1398.1

Slept in until 6 again. Got to Old Station at 8, right when the store opened, lucky me. I resupplied one day here to get to Burney Ranch which is 36 miles away. And of course I pigged out here and charged my phone. I called the Chester PO to try and bounce my missed package, but I couldn’t. Looks like I’ll lose the package, that sucks but it was just four days of food and a trash compactor bag. 

Left at 10 after eating a little more. Had to take a .25 side trail to a water fountain at 11. Filled up 4.75 liters for the next long dry stretch. There was a side trail there that leads you into a cave so I did that while I was there. It was pretty cool. Got back on the trail at noon and from there it was all open an exposed for the rest of the day. Reminded me how much I hated the desert. This was my first big water carry since SoCal. 
At 5:30 I hit some nice trail magic and a water cache. Ate a little bit and drank .75 liters. Felt rejuvenated after that to finish out the day. Found a small camp spot right off the trail a little after 8PM so I stopped there. 
Only about 9 miles to Burneys Guest Ranch where I plan on resupplying along with showering and laundry. I hope this place is better than Drakesbad. 


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