Day 54: 27.1 | 1425.2

Got moving by 5:45 and made it to Burney Mountain Ranch by 8:45. There was only one other hiker there who was leaving, so I was the only person there which was cool. I immediately bought some sodas and snacks out of their fridge and used the wifi. Took a very long shower, first real one in a long ass time. Then did laundry, the detergent they used smelled really good. I haven’t done laundry since 300+ miles back in Tahoe. After that I resupplied three days to get to Castella, only 92 miles away. Before I left I got lunch which cost ten bucks, it was a taco salad along with other stuff. 
Left at 2 and cruised about 18 more miles. Felt very refreshed leaving there. I felt clean and my clothes were clean. This is probably the cleanest I’ve been inside my tent and sleeping bag, it feels pretty good but won’t last long sadly. Tomorrow will be my first full day of hiking without stopping anywhere in three days. 


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