Day 56: 36 | 1500.7

Got moving at six. Trail was real easy today. Pretty much just booked it to Castella where I had to take a two mile side trail to Ammiratis Market. Got there at 7PM. They had B&J ice cream there so of course I grabbed a pint along with a tall can of Coke. 
A big family came up to me and asked me questions about the trail. They were pretty amazed of the whole thru hiking philosophy. After that I started planning my resupply. I had originally planned to carry five days to Seiad Valley which is about 150 miles away. I’ve been feeling really burned out on the trail lately so I decided to carry only two days to Etna, I hear it’s a nice town. I could use some time off, even though I’ll probably still do 20+ going in. 
I resupplied and also bought a pre made burrito they had there. It tasted great. Also bought a 32oz Gatorade, it was the lime cucumber flavor which tasted like shit. 
Walked back about a half mile to a campground. Tented in a spot designated for thru hikers. There’s other people close by, hope they’re not loud tonight. I only have to average about 29 the next two days to get to Etna so that will be nice. 


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