Day 59: 19.8 | 1577.5

Slept great last night. So nice to sleep indoors on a bed. Passed out around midnight and woke up at 9. Went and got breakfast and then headed back to the grocery store and bought a resupply to sent up the trail to Oregon. Went back to the room and showered for a third time, packed up my stuff and watched some TV before I left. Always hard to get out of town after a night in but it’s only five days to Ashland where I plan on taking only my second zero day. 

Got a ride back to the trail from the motel owner and started hiking around 1:30. Did almost 20 miles and of course there were people where I wanted to camp. Didn’t see a single they hiker the entire day, just my luck. Pushed about one more mile and got to a parking lot where I decided to cowboy camp on the pavement. First time since day one in the Sierra, hope it doesn’t rain. 


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