Day 61: 42 | 1658

So I found out last night my Neoair has a hole in it somewhere. It sucks but I’m not too mad because that thing lasted me the entire AT and over half of the PCT, so I got my money out of it. I’ll try to fix it in Ashland. 
Anyways, I hauled ass about 38 miles to Seiad Valley and got there at 6:20PM. It was really hot and humid. When I got to the store I immediately plug in my phone and proceed to stuff my face with a pint of ice cream, soda, chips, candy etc. I bought a little resupply to get me to Ashland and updated my blog. 
I made great time so instead of staying in Seiad I stepped off at 7:45 to do a little more. There ended up being zero camping opportunity going up the hill so I hiked until 9:10ish. This is my first forty mile day. I’m camping with three other dudes, saw them before going into Etna. Aside from Junco and Sonic they’re the only hikers that I’ve seen multiple times and have gotten along with. They hike pretty fast. 
Gonna go as far as I can tomorrow to make going into Ashland as short as possible. 
I’ll be in Oregon tomorrow!


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